Innisfail Chamber of Commerce

What is the Innisfail Smart Town Project?

The proposal is for a series of integrated activities including:

  • Investigations into the current state of community and commerce in Innisfail
  • Studies of ‘turn-around’ towns that have reinvented themselves and built new small/micro business economies
  • Facilitated workshops for the community and business owners / staff themed ‘your town needs you’ and incorporating presentations on smart town ideas and tools suitable for Innisfail
  • Targeted training activities focused on improving customer service, micro economy skills eg people wanting to earn money from home or at markets, increasing volunteering levels and also how to learn and use smart thinking practices in real life
  • Use of a dedicated facility as a community incubator/hub during the course of the project.

The aim of the Innisfail Smart Town Project is to reach consensus on common goals and agreed steps forward and develop a smart town blueprint. This can be a living document for the whole community to utilise and to help future generations with tools for self-sufficient and smart thinking.

Why do we need to become a smart town?

The Cassowary Coast is critically reliant on Innisfail’s success as an economic centre. However, like many other towns in regional Australia, Innisfail is facing the challenge to stay open for business while larger centres grow in size, drawing away retail spending and tertiary educated children to work.

Innisfail is a town centre that is clearly at the teetering point and as such is the ideal candidate for government support to trial smart thinking techniques from around the world at a regional level. The challenge is to not just to save our town but to empower the Cassowary Coast’s future as a stand-alone community and region.

Governments at all levels are struggling to deliver solutions for regional Australia. If towns like Innisfail are to survive and stay technologically connected, this means communities stepping up with ideas born out of local realities and facilitating forward momentum in partnership with government.

Smart towns are not just about high-tech. They are also about the people who live in and around them and the businesses that employ and support them. Your support of this funding application will be greatly appreciated. We hope that you also include a commitment to participate in the program of activities.

Let’s make Innisfail great again!

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