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Presidents Report – January 2018

2018 poses new challenges and opportunities for the Innisfail District Chamber of Commerce Industry and Tourism, which will see us once again unite in our drive to improve the business outlook of this great town. The Management Committee have already met for January for the purpose of planning the year ahead. Some of the major events planned for 2018 are a Mid-Year Raffle offering a Travel Voucher as the winning prize, a Gala Dinner in June to celebrate our 2018 Business Awards, and a Shopping Enhancement Raffle as a lead up to Christmas 2018. Stay tunes for upcoming announcements

 Just prior to Christmas 2017, we applied for a funding grant to introduce our Smart Towns Project. This funding was applied through the latest round of the Building Better Regions Fund. The Smart Towns Project will be professionally managed, and will involve a series of workshops and open sessions with our business and general community, looking at ways in which we can improve the outlook of our businesses, develop strategies for sustainability, and investigate ways in which we all can change the face of this great town for our next generation.

We need to ensure that we all employing best practices in the way to plan, operate and grow our various businesses be it local shop fronts, larger commercial operations, or the many micro-businesses that exist in the Innisfail region. With the growing use of online shopping, we need to open up the opportunities that are abundant in this environment and ensure we have the resources to start, develop and grow. Resources like high speed internet, up to date regional information, access to government bodies that can aid in the development of start-up business and the like.

The 2031 TNQ Economic Development Plan outlines 4 key areas for a sustainable and thriving regional economy. They are Robust and resilient industries • Thriving businesses • Community confidence, connectedness and capacity • Infrastructure which supports economic growth

Our 2018 Smart Towns Project will start us on the journey to ensure we can meet the challenges that the region will deliver, and at the same time, we will be working with our younger generations in our schools, so they get to understand the future plans for this region and the part that they will play in it meeting its objectives.

Recently the CCRC released a Draft Plan for the revitalization of the Innisfail CBD, Anzac Park and the Waterfront Prescient. The IDCCIT encourages all members and the general community to get onboard, have your say, and together we can plan our future improvements for the benefit of all.

Ron Donges


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