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From Biochemistry in Bordeaux to Backpackers in Innisfail

Environmental Health Officer Nicole Smitran has come a long way since she left Innisfail seven years ago to expand her horizons and now she has come full circle. After completing her Masters Degree at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology she spent seven months working at a research institute in Bordeaux, France.

 “I love to travel so it was an absolutely amazing experience and so much fun. It’s a fascinating part of the world and of course the food and wine are incredible. I originally studied microbiology so I have been working as a microbiologist for the last few years. Before I went to France I did an 18 month stint in Darwin after I finished my first degree,” Smitran said.

Further education remains a priority as she completes her Environmental Health Diploma remotely through Flinders University while settling into her new part-time role at Council. 

“Once I have completed my studies I will be fully qualified and working full time at the Council from July. My degrees integrate quite well together and I really wanted to utilise the knowledge and experience I had already gained,” she added.

She is keen to start the New Year with several work projects including one that will involve assessing all the shared accommodation facilities across the Cassowary Coast region.

“My team will be doing inspections and approvals, helping business attain their licenses and making sure they meet the standards. These will include all the Guesthouses and Backpacker Hostels. There is definitely room for improvement and we are helping all operators to achieve a higher standard.”

In addition, her role will entail doing all the everyday tasks an Environmental Health Officer does including carrying out inspections, handling complaints and issuing food licenses.

But the real bonus for this vibrant 25 year old is being back home again in her beloved tropics where her parents and friends live.

“It’s so nice having everyone here and I am very happy to be home. I really love Innisfail and I really want to be here. I am just loving going to the beach again, relaxing and hanging out with friends.”

“It is very satisfying to see well educated young people like Nicole returning to the Cassowary Coast to further pursue their careers. We are delighted she has chosen to join us at the Council and we look forward to her future contributions,” said Mayor John Kremastos.

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