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President’s Post – September 2017

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August was a busy month with our AHM and general dinner meetings conducted. At our dinner meeting we had informative presentation by Shane Charles from TSBE group, who was introduced by Mayor Kremastos. Shane gave us an overview of how and why their group were established, their drivers for change, and their current situation and ongoing projects.

Our AGM that followed, produced a new dynamic team with a diverse set of skills and views. This will enable us to provide the best opportunities for growth for our members. We will only achieve our vision for growth, if we all work together with a common goal, regardless of our individual views and opinions.

For both the above meetings we had solid attendances with the new executive CCRC team visiting, and they were all introduced to the meeting by our Mayor John Kremastos.

I attended various meetings over the past 4 weeks, ASIM board meeting, 2 CSIRO Mosquito Eradication program updates, Community Groups Meeting and a meeting with David Bokeyar from Australian Regional Management (owners of the Central Market Innisfail). We will have a presentation from this group in coming months.

Administrative improvements continue with Business and Car Bumper Stickers made for our members, along with the introduction of Loyalty Cards, and there has also been solid membership growth. We are now over 80 financial members for 2018 Financial Year, and this is still growing, thanks to the efforts of Moira.

The SER is now in full swing with all participating business receiving their tickets, ticket boxes and informative posters for their business windows / advertising. We will once again start the next round of radio advertising, and there has been an update in the recent Advocate. My thanks to Renee and Lisa for their hard work and dedication to this project. The business case for the project scope was aimed at 65 business, and we achieved 68, so I believe.

Now the challenge is up to us all to openly promote this program to all the community and businesses, to keep it in the forefront of everyone’s minds as we head up to Christmas. It will only be a success if we make it.

The team for 2018 now has some goals that we need to aspire to and these will be discussed during new business. The main one being to investigate and establish an income stream within 2 years.

The Team are now going through what actions are required to continue the growth of the chamber and will investigate various methods of income and new events for our members.

As always, we welcome any suggestions from our members as this is your Chamber affecting outcomes for you.

Ron Donges


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